How to reconnect with your husband sexually

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For seven days every time you or your partner walks into the room find a reason to touch the other - a loving brush of the hair, playful kiss, whatever feels natural and not forced. First, set a timer for ten minutes. Focus solely on what it feels like without necessarily trying to progress to more overtly sexual interactions.

How to reconnect with your husband sexually

A client went home from therapy straight to a vacation, ready to tell her husband they would romp as soon as they got to the hotel. Then, let your partner vent to you about absolutely anything they want to. The trick isn't to force spontaneity, but to simply listen to your own body, so for one month if you feel sexually charged act on it with your partner.

How to reconnect with your husband sexually

How to reconnect with your husband sexually

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  1. It can be anything, from a secret to a mouthful of your steak. But psychologically, the real issue is freeing sex from the tension of the partner struggle so that it can once again renew their love, soothe their anxieties, and exhilarate their bodies.

  2. Laugh More They say laughter is the best medicine, and this is the case with sexual connection between couples. What do you think they're experiencing?

  3. Touch More Tactile couples are constantly reassuring the other through touch, which psychologically re-energises how often they think about each other.