How to sedate someone for sex

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Negrusz A, Gaensslen RE. There will doubtless soon be a pill to treat that as well. It has been used for repeated procedures like radiation therapy and changing of burn dressings in which analgesia pain reduction is desired but deep anesthesia is not required.

How to sedate someone for sex

Doses above 4 mL have a sleep-promoting effect, like GHB. So whether this drug actually has an aphrodisiac effect, as opposed to just being a sleeping pill, is anyone's guess. Keep your drink with you at all times, even when you go to the bathroom.

How to sedate someone for sex

How to sedate someone for sex

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  1. Because GHB shares its sleep-inducing property with a number of other substances, the correct diagnosis of GHB intoxication is often missed by emergency medical personnel and other persons trying to help.

  2. It is not produced or manufactured by any pharmaceutical company; instead it is made in illegal drug labs or by amateur chemists in their homes.

  3. Heavy drinking and binge drinking are often ridiculed or vilified, but casual, social drinking flies under the radar.