How to talk wife into sex with other men

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In other words, make it totally safe for her, both in the context of your relationship and in general emotionally, to explore what she finds hot, and let her know that you find it hot too. So my questions are:

How to talk wife into sex with other men

It never went IRL in part because they could not answer some of the hard questions like "What happens if I do this with you and I turn up pregnant and we do not know who the father is? If she decides she wants to make the leap into full-blown cuckolding, then great, but let that decision come from her. So lets be clear however.

How to talk wife into sex with other men

How to talk wife into sex with other men

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  1. In fact a hotwife presents a free and a no strings-attached sex. Long story short, we are not together any more and I am in a relationship with someone who respects my boundaries.