How to up your sex appeal

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Play to Your Strengths What are your best features? Instead, try to savor the compliment and allow yourself the satisfaction of knowing you deserve admiration.

How to up your sex appeal

Sex appeal is all about your physical attributes, with a pinch of glamour. You are beautiful, and it is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin. You might also choose to wow with a red lip, or play the coquette with a pretty, over-the-shoulder braid.

How to up your sex appeal

How to up your sex appeal

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  1. The best thing you can do is to take time for yourself. Best of all, these workouts will transfer over to more fluid, feminine movements in your daily life Choose Your Makeup Carefully:

  2. Open yourself up to the funny things in life, even if it means laughing at yourself every so often! Not only does exercise release endorphins that improve your mood, working out also makes you feel physically better — plus, it has the added benefit of helping you shed the extra pounds you may have put on over winter.