How to use electro sex toys

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Give it a really good wash you can use a commercial toy cleaner if you like, but hypoallergenic soap and water will work just fine before it touches anything else. This set up was suggested to me through e-mail by Quido.

How to use electro sex toys

Until you know your stuff, keep your play below the waist. There are a few different settings you can use for sexual stimulation.

How to use electro sex toys

How to use electro sex toys

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  1. Electrosex toys are made to be as safe as possible, but you need to have some basic safety knowledge before using them. Great sensations can be had, if using cock loops make sure that you use plenty of electrolube to make sure that you don't get hot spots and you can a good electrical connection.

  2. Additional Info Brief Synopsis: If you each have an electric self-adhesive pad attached to your skin, anywhere you touch each other will complete the electrical circuit and provide a delicious tingling sensation.