Humans having sex with chikins

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While in jail, Bessigano would reportedly paint stripes on himself and refer to himself as the "master of cats," according to the Chicagoist. The Gaboronese mood is however not without contradictions. In chickens the situation is reversed:

Humans having sex with chikins

What is wrong with this situation? Our reporter quoted Mr.

Humans having sex with chikins

Humans having sex with chikins

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  1. The man only identified as Salah, a Fula national, was arrested after he was accused of taking with him a hen into a palm bush and had sex with it, a resident by the name of Derrick Gbai told newsmen. This Gaboronese mood is largely out of touch with the larger national mood; but since it has access to the radio, the lawyers, the money, newspapers, education and the politicians, for a while it forgets itself and mistakes itself for a national mood.

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  3. As reported by our Margibi County correspondent Moses Tokpah, a man has been arrested for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a chicken hen.

  4. In , Bessigano was sentenced to four years in prison after having sex with and killing a chicken. Both the X and Y and the Z and W evolved from two separate pairs of identical non-sex chromosomes — or autosomes.