I dont want to have sex on the first date

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Yes, a relationship can come from something that started with sex on the first date. There has been no build-up of anticipation, excitement or lust.

I dont want to have sex on the first date

We are pleasure seeking beings and when dopamine and serotonin are triggered in a short sharp burst we want more and more when it wears off. Our old animal instincts still kick in — that we must procreate.

I dont want to have sex on the first date

I dont want to have sex on the first date

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  1. Lust really is the thing that can kill it, because suddenly you are not seeing things clearly. To build love, to make a commitment to really care about someone, their welfare takes time.

  2. In this article the researchers found that the same parts of the brain activated when people addicted to sex watched porn as that of drugs addicts when they saw drugs. Much like how the penguin pairs up and stays together forever, if they can do it, surely we can too?

  3. Here are my 7 reasons as to why as a Relationship Coach and as a happily married wife I believe not having sex on a first date is key to finding that special, long-term relationship:

  4. Time spent together is what helps forms an attachment. This time should be spent getting to know THEM and not focusing on how to get into their underwear!