I think about sex all the time

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They gave these to college students, divided into three groups, and asked them to press and record each time they thought about sex, or food, or sleep. It totally takes the stress out of my mind and makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

I think about sex all the time

But in the rapture of sex—the way you move your body, the majesty of your bones, skin, and curves—we elevate you to goddesses. So men think about food as much as sex, something my wife found unsurprising. They were given a clicker by the researchers and asked to record when they thought about sex or food or sleep.

I think about sex all the time

I think about sex all the time

We have a lot of incomplete thoughts. Apr 21,. I think about sex all the time

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  1. Thinking about sex is a big part of adolescence and adulthood, and you don't need to feel guilty about it.