Im too sexy for my shoes

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The error lies not in American women's efforts to be good mothers, but in their belief that this somehow precludes being sexy. The scene in front of me was by far hands down better than any porn I had ever watched. Mike was a very handsome man but I was blown away at how great he looked naked.

Im too sexy for my shoes

Every year I become more convinced that shoes are completely unnecessary in most circumstances except, I think, in sub-freezing temperatures and while performing certain kinds of labour. I can't help but laugh at the countless husbands and wives who sternly insist that they know everything there is to know about their partner.

Im too sexy for my shoes

Im too sexy for my shoes

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  1. My husband and I are both strong confident successful thirty year olds who pride ourselves on diligence and hard work.

  2. They do these things because as they age, European women continue to think of themselves as sexual beings.

  3. Our gym is just a few miles away from our house so the drive over didn't take more than ten minutes or so. Kevin usually worked till six o'clock so I spent all day cleaning the house and cooking a huge dinner of his favourites.