Incarcerated and used for sex video

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Information about the risk and causes of death after release from prison could focus preventive efforts, improve transitional care, and guide policies to improve outcomes. The survey did not ask questions about consensual sex between inmates or between staff and inmates. Mortality rates among former inmates were compared with those among other state residents with the use of indirect standardization and adjustment for age, sex, and race.

Incarcerated and used for sex video

The time at risk was defined as the period between the release from prison and death, another incarceration, or the end of the study. The period immediately after release may be challenging for former inmates and may involve substantial health risks.

Incarcerated and used for sex video

Incarcerated and used for sex video

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  1. These individuals had limited movement privileges and could only be interviewed face-to-face in a secure but confidential setting.

  2. The Washington State prison system does not include jails, and it houses approximately 15, felony offenders sentenced to imprisonment for more than 1 year. The results were summed for those categories to obtain the total expected deaths.

  3. Variables and Measures The questions regarding sexual victimization were adapted from the National Violence Against Women and Men Surveys 40 and appear in the Appendix.