Indiana sex offender web site

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The principle address of a registrant is where he or she spends the most time. Based on information submitted, a person whose name appears in this registry has been convicted of a sex offense or a violent offense or has been adjudicated a delinquent child for an act that would be a sex offense or violent offense if committed by an adult.

Indiana sex offender web site

Information in this registry may not be used to harass or threaten offenders or their families. If you are looking for information about a particular sex offender registered in that county, the registry can help there as well.

Indiana sex offender web site

Indiana sex offender web site

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  1. For more information about the Indiana registry laws refer to Indiana Codes , Indiana Department of Correction.

  2. It eliminates the sex and violent offender directory transferring its functions to the sex and violent offender registry which will be supported by grant funding. This applies to whether it is owned or leased by the registrant or another person.