Inmate wants a sex change

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What the change meant The government published a report on Noms' policy review in November which acknowledged that the treatment of transgender people in the criminal justice system had not kept pace with wider social views. California was legally required to pay for the operation, corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton said. She has identified as a woman since and will become the first prisoner serving in Scotland to undergo the surgery.

Inmate wants a sex change

Bureau of Prisons implemented the Transgender Offender Manual , which called for the housing of federal inmates based on their gender identity in cases where appropriate. There are also claims the prisoner made inappropriate comments about oral sex to another prisoner, while a third says she was also attacked and a fourth claims she was kissed on the neck my the transgender inmate. They have expressed deep concerns over the plans, saying the decision sends the wrong message to victims of serious crime and that they are worried about the transportation of a maximum-security prisoner.

Inmate wants a sex change

Inmate wants a sex change

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  1. The state has six months to provide Edmo with the surgery, which will restructure her physical characteristics to match her gender identity.