Introduction are boys the weaker sex

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The results were confirmed by neurology research, in which a group of men watched a series of emotional videos — categorised into 'blissful', 'exciting', 'heart-warming' and 'funny' — while their responses were measured via electrodes in their brains. Males are trained to be strong to protect the female. Childhood sexual and MC, editors.

Introduction are boys the weaker sex

Dr Steve Austad, a leading authority on the science of ageing from the University of Alabama, says women are far more robust. Maybe I'm generalising but I don't know if it's a sort of Scottish thing…you have to actually be DYING before we men contemplate taking time off work or go to see a doctor…On the other hand when we do get ill — even if it's just a heavy cold — we're the bane of the women in our lives' existence…Men have a greater difficulty talking about health problems, and do have more of a sort of the head in the sand approach, that if you ignore it, it'll go away.

Introduction are boys the weaker sex

Introduction are boys the weaker sex

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  2. Coping with stress and by stress: This flexibility makes pregnancy possible — and makes women stronger and better at battling disease.

  3. EOPs vary across the menstrual cycle such Acknowledgments. Comparatively, females are free to express their emotions.