Is anal sex a sin

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What is sodomy according to the Bible? Using this rational for anal sex is like trying to justify playing ball hockey on the freeway. The words sodomy and sodomize come from this biblical account.

Is anal sex a sin

This passage does not concern marital relations. There is no overt mention of anal sex in the Bible. There is an unnatural and disproportional disparity of power between a couple during anal sex.

Is anal sex a sin

Is anal sex a sin

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  1. The reasonable presumption is that the men of Sodom wanted to have forcible anal sex with the angels.

  2. Medically speaking, anal sex is neither healthy nor safe. What does the Bible say about anal sex?

  3. So, clearly, the Bible condemns sodomy in the sense of male homosexual rape. It is true whether or not anal sex is limited to foreplay.