Is clown fish sex change genetic

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The impacts of climate change on sex ratios are already worrying marine biologists who study other animals that depend on temperature to determine the sex of embryos. The solution, then, is to simply have more offspring.

Is clown fish sex change genetic

On an interesting side note, this is the same type of fish seen in the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. For example, in turtles it may be that high temperature shuts off the turtle SRY gene so you get females.

Is clown fish sex change genetic

Is clown fish sex change genetic

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  1. But these lack the magnificent color transformation that is the hallmark of the ribbon eel. While males of almost every species can produce sperm in very short order, the females, once impregnated, must wait until they give birth or lay eggs before they can reproduce again.

  2. Parrotfish A parrotfish, seen off the coast of Bonaire iStockphoto Compared with eggs, sperm is cheap to make. Why should fish range so widely in their gender bending capabilities?