Is it possible to be bisexual

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Bisexuals are only attracted to binary genders. Bisexuals might not speak out as much as their lesbian and gay siblings, but that's more likely due to lingering stigmas than it is to a lack of numbers. Many young people go through a phase of being unsure which sex they prefer, or even experiment with members of the same sex's happy bits.

Is it possible to be bisexual

Some people simply can't fathom a sexuality in which individuals are attracted to more than one gender. Ask them if they want to have children one day, or if they fancy a night out at that new leather club in Vauxhall.

Is it possible to be bisexual

Is it possible to be bisexual

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  1. The results were the straight men showed more ventral striatum response to erotic images of women, the gay men showed more to men, and the bisexual men had a more neural response. For this study, the researchers picked 30 straight men, 33 bisexual men, and 38 gay men to measure how they reacted to erotic visual stimuli.

  2. Tania wants to make it clear that she fully supports both Jessie J and Tom Daley in their recent announcements and knows sexuality is a bloody complex thing. Just because someone is bisexual doesn't mean they don't have standards.

  3. Threesomes are not a hallmark of the bisexual lifestyle — they are merely an option, just as they are for any other sexual being.

  4. Why does it matter to anyone else? Lower your voice when they walk into a crowded room and ask them what they got up to at the weekend with a broad wink.