Is sex offender a mental disorder

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Another justification is that "In large scale surveys that sampled individuals from the general population and included questions regarding sexual experiences with older persons when the respondent was underage, a substantial proportion report ages at occurrence that fall within the normal time frame of puberty. The men "scarcely merit ed the emotionally charged label of sex offender" Gebhard et al.

Is sex offender a mental disorder

A further rationale is the overlapping penile responsivity between persons attracted to prepubertals and to pubescents. If a society is accepting a pattern of sexual behavior, but psychiatry labels it mental disorder requiring treatment and change, psychiatry fulfils its often ascribed condemnatory designation of acting as an agent of social control. When is an unusual sexual interest a mental disorder?

Is sex offender a mental disorder

Is sex offender a mental disorder

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  1. For a specific age, a person could be prepubertal or mid-pubertal. If a person has a pattern of sexuality that from that person's perspective interferes with a more desirable sexuality, and seeks help reducing the former and enhancing the latter, this can be diagnosed and treated as a sexual dysfunction.