Is zeus gay

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Staples, The World of Classical Myth. However, in comparing this initiatory tradition with the many elements of the myth that have come down to us we are confronted with numerous discrepancies. To summarize it, the man chooses a boy of exceptional moral character, steals him away from his home in a ritual abduction, and takes him into the mountains, together with other companions, for a set period of time.

Is zeus gay

Which came first, the Cretan custom or the Anatolian myth? The one woman who does make a cameo appearance, Ganymede's mother, does so as the wife of one man and the daughter of another, male property twice over, used simply as a tool for one man to produce more men.

Is zeus gay

Is zeus gay

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  1. In this fashion most of the information about the story can be put to use, and important material need not be excised arbitrarily.

  2. Thus, in order to resolve the thematic and stylistic conflicts in the fragments we are obliged to assemble these fragments so as to compile two distinct versions of the story of Zeus and Ganymede.