Joining the marines while on probation for a sex crime

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It is important to note that federal law requires disclosure of any past charges or arrests. Felony offenses create the greatest difficulty for obtaining a waiver.

Joining the marines while on probation for a sex crime

Felon with sex offense wants to join the military Search Box Jobs for Felons: This has been against the law for decades. The waiver procedure is not automatic, and approval is based on each individual case.

Joining the marines while on probation for a sex crime

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  1. The military can at its own discretion decide if it will approve or deny a criminal record waiver and the military has a specific process it normally goes through when determining whether or not to enlist an individual who is applying with a record waiver. Armed Forces with a criminal record.

  2. Even if you have your record expunged and you have no record, a waiver might still be required Here is a list of crimes that there is no waiver for: Five or more misdemeanors results in a disqualifying status.

  3. Generally speaking, criminal record waivers can be used for the following types of offenses, subject to some limited restrictions: Most are moral waivers, which include some felonies and misdemeanors.