Journal on sex differences and morals

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As emotionality and sensitivity are both part of the stereotypical feminine role, women could be more willing than males to portray themselves as empathic, even if empathic responsiveness were similar for both groups [ 7 ]. Alternatively, organisms that allocate more resources toward somatic effort growth and maintenance and with reproductive resources focused on parental and kin investment are said to have a slow LH strategy.

Journal on sex differences and morals

The latter, for which self-reports provide a poor proxy, implies inadequate coverage of case-finding strategies. Consequently, larger sample sizes increase power and decrease estimation error [ 34 ].

Journal on sex differences and morals

Journal on sex differences and morals

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  1. Treatment initiation rates for men and women were calculated as the inverse of untreated disease duration based on self-reported time from disease onset to treatment initiation 20 , 21 , as extracted from literature reviews Web Appendix 1, Web Tables 1—3. In this sense, the statistical power of psychological and neuroscientific studies is typically undermined by the use of small samples, which leads to overestimated effect sizes [ 26 , 28 — 33 ].