Lack of sex leads to cheating

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Those who are more narcissistic and emotionally immature may expect a significant other to meet their every single need, and also to be a mind-reader in terms of knowing what those needs are. Janet found herself going to bed alone again.

Lack of sex leads to cheating

And then you see the name of your college crush, the boy who would smile at you in English class and torment your undergraduate heart. And yet, it was his denial that he had a problem that she could not forgive. After all, healthy adult women enjoy the physical act of sex as much as men do.

Lack of sex leads to cheating

Lack of sex leads to cheating

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  1. Once this is established, it means any changes you make come from a positive place of love for one another and not out of fear of losing the other to a potential new partner. She expected to find pornographic photos.

  2. Gary Neuman, a Florida-based psychotherapist and the author of Emotional Infidelity, is yes. Such women repeatedly seek emotional intensity rather than relational intimacy.