Left testicle pain after sex

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I appear to have a build-up of fluid in the right half of my scrotum, which is about three times its normal size. These are not serious, but if large may sometimes require removal.

Left testicle pain after sex

Pain in testicle after sex Q. It would be a good idea for him to check for any of these nasties at the same time. One testicle is more than able to produce enough testosterone for the normal function of the male body and this includes protection from osteoporosis in later life.

Left testicle pain after sex

Left testicle pain after sex

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  1. I would suggest a visit to your general practitioner for a check up. Having said this, when it does happen it is easily treated especially if you see your doctor early.

  2. Nearly all hydroceles in babies disappear by the age of one year. My wife wants kids and she's afraid that I might be sterile.