List of registered sex offenders in ct

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Those who commit nonviolent sex offenses were added. Individuals found to be low-risk — and some adjudged moderate-risk — would be on a registry only available to law enforcement personnel. Connecticut has more or less tracked the federal pattern.

List of registered sex offenders in ct

He noted that while very few sex offenders commit another sex crime, many commit other crimes, often to try to support themselves. And, well-structured treatment programs do lower recidivism among those who have committed sexual offenses, several studies indicate see here and here. The trick is to get to them before they commit a crime.

List of registered sex offenders in ct

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  1. Note that other people that are not sex offenders can share the same name. Although Windsor Locks and some other towns have passed ordinances to keep offenders away from public places, Connecticut has not adopted residency restrictions, as many states have.