Meagan good sex stories literotica

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He asked if she wanted a towel to clean off or hop into a quick shower or need a short nap. Megan began cumming hard as well — her pussy and ass were both in spasms as this was one hell of an orgasm — Bigger than any she has had before in her life.

Meagan good sex stories literotica

Eva was divorced with two children Selena 24 and Rita 20 both in college. So Megan stood, spread her legs wife and ran her hands one more time across her cum filled pussy and ass then across her tits and cum covered face. Beyonce stopped humping Eva but continued kissing her sloppily.

Meagan good sex stories literotica

Meagan good sex stories literotica

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  1. Look everyone, I don't mean to be rude but I have to go" said Eva grabbing her bag. Hopefully I can talk my 3 Boys into doing this again soon — Once a month would be fun don't you Niggas think.