Melatonin and sex in women

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I use no prescription medicines and am lucky to be in relatively good health. Is taken by mouth different from that which your own body produces? Short term use of melatonin for sleep should be fine but I don't know what kind of effect, beneficial or harmful, melatonin use would have with long term use.

Melatonin and sex in women

Is that normal with melatonin? There is a wide range of individual response to melatonin. It seemed to have the opposite effect upon me, rather than putting me to sleep, I was awake all night.

Melatonin and sex in women

Melatonin and sex in women

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  1. There may be certain benefits with supplements that occur at higher dosages, but the potential side effects can increase dramatically when these high dosages are continued.

  2. Melatonin dosage and frequency guidelines, why you should not take it every night It's best not to take a high dose melatonin product on a nightly basis.