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Mason's cock instantly hardened when she first took his hand, and he loved it as they held hands for the majority of the next few hours, and again on and off throughout the next couple of days. His eyes swept down her slender body.


After four days of being either on the ship or in a tourist trap, even with the shared pleasure if their affectionate hand holding, the mom and son were already sick of shopping and had already spent most of their trinket budget , nor did they want to spend the day crowded onto a beach with hundreds of tourists. He stared at them, confused. She describes her descent into her secret cock slave fantasy with incredible zeal.



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  1. Mason looked back to the beach and witnessed the three women stand up, each rotate and drop back onto their knees in front of a new cock.

  2. We even have a cameo from WildFlowers sister, the infamous WildCat. Upon her grand entry the Doctor is very impressed to say the least.