Music is my ht hot sex

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It is not a book about sex, but rather a vade mecum on the arts of seduction; this is a book about finesse and sophistication, about passion and skill, about the nuances of pleasure and depths of satisfaction — where arousal is a combination of physical intimacy and mental fantasy and everything is driven by an exquisite refinement. X Perhaps the real deciding factor, if I had to pick one, as to why I would like to introduce the Kama Sutra to people in the twenty-first century is its language. However, as the centuries passed, the Kama Sutra got lost in the fog of prevailing attitudes and the mire of mistranslations.

Music is my ht hot sex

In order to elevate our animal instincts to a more refined form of pleasure, I turned to the Kama Sutra, which remains a groundbreaking work thousands of years after it was written. And even though we now know better, attitudes are hard to shift.

Music is my ht hot sex

Music is my ht hot sex

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  1. The arts of seduction as prescribed by the Kama Sutra — with all its hundreds of rules and rituals — were meant to bridge the gap between the two sexes. One good reason for doing so is that there are still people in our culture who find sex an overrated sensation lasting a bare ten seconds

  2. The Kama Sutra, although a treasure trove of the arts of seduction, is not an easy book to read, with its obscure references, obsolete materials and impossibly archaic language.