My first sex teacher mrs carol

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We do not know if the speaker is male or female, though this barely seems to matter. What is your view of the speaker in the poem? Main section headings look like this Sub-section headings look like this Back to top About the poet Carol Ann Duffy was born on December 23 , in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city.

My first sex teacher mrs carol

But the poem challenges us all, if we are to be parents, to find ways to give the right mixture of freedom and discipline. When I am not running around for my boys outer school activities I enjoy reading, walking and socialising with both friends and family. I am married with two son's who keep me very busy!

My first sex teacher mrs carol

My first sex teacher mrs carol

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  1. Second, because the title suggests romantic love but the poem is about mother and daughter. The verb "blind" may also suggest the traditional idea of love's or Cupid's being blind.

  2. The removing of the papery outer layers suggests the "undressing" of those who prepare to make love.

  3. But Duffy means that there was more to do and to satisfy an intelligent child's imagination than in her home. Because each has long ceased to be original and has been sent millions of times.