My husband doesn t want me sexually anymore

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What are the reasons your man has stopped having sex with you? And you can't overlook the real possibility that your mate is bored of having sex with you because he is really interested in having sex with someone else And that may very well be the truth.

My husband doesn t want me sexually anymore

You sure about that? He may feel that you are over-controlling and hypercritical, and has shut down in an effort to push back.

My husband doesn t want me sexually anymore

My husband doesn t want me sexually anymore

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  1. Some men are so worried about maintaining an erection or ejaculating prematurely, they shut down and avoid sexual contact altogether. He may say he is working on things, but if he remains very detached and disinterested it is certainly a factor I would consider.

  2. He may be experiencing low testosterone, which is a normal result of aging. Assume the chat will have a positive outcome rather than expect the worst - it will hugely affect how you deliver your message and his reaction to it.

  3. Excessive drinking affects the production of testosterone, the primary hormone responsible for our sex drive.