My husband wants a sex change

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You must know your options and legal rights. No matter what you eventually decide, there is one piece of advice that I do wish to directly offer: I know that I stayed surprisingly calm, for me.

My husband wants a sex change

How long into the marriage one keeps such a secret is also a varying, but sadly common, occurrence. This was the emergence of the new Tom, one I'd come to know very well over the next several years. He dieted and exercised off pounds, let his hair grow, and bought new clothes.

My husband wants a sex change

My husband wants a sex change

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  1. I know I should be supportive, but I feel betrayed. Unlike Pam, Matthew was not startled by his spouse's wish to transition.

  2. But her partner has taken on a stereotypically masculine role within the relationship, such as paying for her meals, which she dislikes.