National board of sex therapy

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Are your services covered by my health insurance plan? Before scheduling sessions with a therapist, consider whether the therapist would be a good fit for you.

National board of sex therapy

Requirements for each certification include education in all core areas and supervised work experience. What's your experience with my type of sexual issue? If you don't feel enough rapport with your therapist to lead to effective resolution of your concerns, consider finding another therapist.

National board of sex therapy

National board of sex therapy

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  1. Follow the links to each area of certification for specifics pertaining to that level. Applicants for certification will submit proof of attainment of all requirements to the TCA Board for approval.

  2. The practitioner creates a climate of comfort and permission for clients to discuss sexual concerns, often introducing the topic of sexuality, thereby validating sexuality as a legitimate health issue. What is your educational and training background?