New beauty queen sex tape

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According to K2 Productions, the independent producers of the Miss California USA pageant, Carrie Prejean's crown was revoked because of a continuing breach of contract issues. Sizemore claimed the shots, including one where he is naked except for a well-placed tea cup, were "stolen" from the e-mail of his girlfriend, Playboy playmate Brittany Binger.

New beauty queen sex tape

In the end, Duvall was stripped of his committee posts and an ethics probe was launched. His wife might, too. Cops Cruising for Love They may have only been trying to cop a feel, but Ohio police chief Timothy Escola and his amorous subordinate, Janine England, felt the heat once a dashboard cam video of their steamy antics came out.

New beauty queen sex tape

New beauty queen sex tape

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Aim told TMZ that the side, which was made inwas introduced from his laptop. Catch Sizemore's threats to sue, the photos can still be beauyt on a stopper of wares.

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  1. Greene's lawyer confirmed the authenticity of the shots and threatened to sue anyone who published them, claiming that the photos are illegal and displaying them is unlawful. In June, when she was fired from her post, she sued the pageant for religious discrimination.