Non binary transmasculine

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The term cisgender is not indicative of gender expression, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, or how one is perceived in daily life. The following terms are inaccurate, offensive, or outdated:

Non binary transmasculine

Some others prefer the conventional gender-specific pronouns 'her' or 'him', prefer to be referred to alternately as 'he' and 'she', or prefer to use only their name and not use pronouns at all. These terms refer to the assumption that heterosexuality is the norm, which plays out in interpersonal interactions and society and furthers the marginalization of queer people.

Non binary transmasculine

Non binary transmasculine

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  1. The word queer is still sometimes used as a hateful slur, so although it has mostly been reclaimed, be careful with its use.

  2. This word is used similarly to homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, etc. The act of dressing and presenting as a different gender.

  3. This is because the term androgyny is closely associated with a blend of socially defined masculine and feminine traits. Many transgender people seek to make their gender expression how they look match their gender identity who they are , rather than their sex assigned at birth.