Normal sex habits of priests

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It has answered a lot of my questions about how to deal with those feelings as i am a nun myself and I am experiencing midlife crisis… Thank you and God bless. There were no instructions about repressing feelings of sexuality. As a priest and a celibate some opportunities are cut off; but every path in life opens some road and closes others.

Normal sex habits of priests

I have been a priest for 18 years and - for me - celibacy is good. So I had no contact with women.

Normal sex habits of priests

Normal sex habits of priests

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  1. It only took the priest three years to make the leap from Roman Catholic priesthood to a post in the Anglican Church. St Augustine is never likely to become a poster boy for feminists after his famous pronouncement in the 5th century that "nothing is more calculated to cast a man's spirits down from the citadel than the blandishments of a woman".