Offender sex site web wisconsin

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Not all violations result in the offender's supervision being revoked. When an offender is attending pre-approved activities away from home, that offender is not monitored electronically. On June 1, , the Sex offender Registration and Community Notification Law went into effect thus giving law enforcement agencies the authority to disseminate information about certain sex offenders to the community if, in their opinion, releasing the information would enhance the protection of the public.

Offender sex site web wisconsin

For many offenders, this is also the county where they were convicted. Before an offender who will be on supervision is released from prison, a Community Corrections Agent does a residence investigation. In fact, certain sex offenses such as incest will not even be specified to the public on the Web site, so as not to release information with which the public could "deduce" possible victims and where they live.

Offender sex site web wisconsin

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  1. In cases where a judge has stipulated that an offender has no Parole Eligibility Date, the offender will actually serve their entire sentence, without any consideration for Parole. Sometimes, though, offenders are released to another area because they have family support there, or there is treatment available there that is not available elsewhere, or they have found a job in the area that will lead to a productive lifestyle.

  2. After offenders complete their confinement, they may be supervised by the Department of Corrections for a period of time on parole, probation, or other supervision ordered by the court. Revocation of the offender's supervision will result in a return to court for sentencing or incarceration in a jail or a prison.

  3. Special Bulletins also include the offender's physical characteristics including a photo, the offender's offenses and the offense profile, and the offender's release plan including name and phone number of the supervising agent. Any person who commits a FELONY on or after December 31, , and is sentenced to at least one year of confinement in prison would have their prison time followed by a period of extended supervision upon release.

  4. Sometimes registrants fail to notify DOC about a change in residence, status, or other information. GPS will serve as a supervision tool to provide risk control and surveillance of offenders who meet specific selection criteria.