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Research on online social networking in relation to sexual behaviors has focused on a number of specific outcomes, such as individual representations of sexuality via online platforms [ 8 , 9 ], transmission of social norms that encourage sexual risk behavior [ 10 , 11 ], and the facilitation of sexual contact with partners met online [ 12 , 13 ]. For example, participants were more likely to use Facebook to connect with face-to-face friends but more likely to use Grindr to make new friends. More recently, literature on SNS in relation to sexual risk behavior among youth has expanded beyond surveying profiles for sexualized context to examining SNS use patterns and content of SNS-based communication that may lead to sexual behavior.

Online social networking sites sex

SNS also offer a prime opportunity for public health researchers and clinicians who are interested in promoting safer sex to reach a large number of individuals and tap into networks where health promotion messaging may diffuse rapidly. How many more features.

Online social networking sites sex

Online social networking sites sex

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  1. In the interest of parsimony, we will not cover communication via text message e. In addition to evaluation of the GYT campaign [ 23 ], additional studies have been published using Facebook to deliver sexual health promotion and HIV risk behavior prevention messaging to young people [ 52 ] and African American and Latino MSM [ 53 ].

  2. In targeting behaviors, youth can take this knowledge with them online, regardless of whether they are using SNSs, chat rooms, or instant messaging. Although some studies have linked these latter types of communication to sexual risk behaviors, they generally do not take place via SNS platforms as defined above.

  3. For purposes of this review, we will define SNS as platforms that allow users to do the following: