Orgone blasters

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They are complete haters and enemies of mankind who will make Americans their slaves. Aliens are not demons.

Orgone blasters

Even if you don't think you'll be here during that time you can leave protected areas for others to find. They could not pull it off if everyone already understood who these aliens really are. They will help Lucifer take physical control of the earth.

Orgone blasters

Orgone blasters

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  1. I've not only seen the abrupt stop of entities coming in or near my home, but found the use of orgone in the Bible Codes as well. I would suggest not only putting these orgone blasters around your yard, but around your neighborhood, town, and city as well.

  2. And they shall all belong to God, And they shall be prospered, And they shall all be blessed.

  3. They are creating the foundation for the biggest deception that has ever been perpetrated on mankind.