Painful sex after egg retrieval

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What are the next steps after egg retrieval? A speculum is placed so Dr. You will need to arrange for transportation after your retrieval as you are not allowed to drive yourself home.

Painful sex after egg retrieval

As soon as you are awake and can eat a small snack you will be offered some pain medication. You will be given medication instructions prior to the procedure and it should also be on your calendar. If you are expecting a transfer 5 days after your retrieval, you will begin taking your Medrol and Progesterone this evening.

Painful sex after egg retrieval

Painful sex after egg retrieval

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  1. If you travel, give yourself twice as much time as usual and minimize stress. You will wake up from the anesthesia within minutes after the surgery.

  2. Then, glass of wine in hand, I got a call that my blood results came back and both hormones are very high, progesterone in a great range and that my pregnancy test was POSITIVE!!!!!!!

  3. The follicular fluid which contains the eggs from the follicles in your ovaries is collected in test tubes and passed to the embryologists in the IVF laboratory.

  4. You should not plan to do any work on the day of egg retrieval. Timing is vital during this process so plan accordingly.