People who want sex in cyprus

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However, in the s the trend has begun to change as Cyprus has become more and more a country that receives immigrants from third world countries and from eastern Europe Anthias and Lazaridis: As regards the year , mostly women from the former Soviet Union married Cypriot men:

People who want sex in cyprus

In this sense, there are biases that cloud the statistics on cross-border marriage. In other words, immigration data for each year does include the vast majority of cross-border marriage spouses reported for that year; a reason being that in order to stay in Cyprus without limitations on duration of stay , non- European Union country nationals need a renewable residence permit, which can only be obtained through marriage to a Cypriot national otherwise, their work permit and residence permit are issued on a limited period of time.

People who want sex in cyprus

People who want sex in cyprus

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  1. The next section gives an answer to the question: This article analyses marriage migration in Cyprus by:

  2. Moreover, many migrant women active in sex work in Cyprus try to use marriage to a native man as a way out. The immigration policy is a restrictive one, controlling the employment of migrant workers on a short-term, temporary and restricted-to-specific-sector basis.

  3. If there is an intention to stay and take up employment one has to follow the procedure for the employment of EU citizens.