Poor parenting leading to teen sex

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Logistic regressions indicated that adolescents reporting greater parental disapproval and limits on viewing at Wave 1 were less likely to initiate oral sex between Waves 1 and 2. Of the participants in the study, 56 percent were African-American - not necessarily representative of the entire US, but representative of some suburban, urban and rural environments. Both wave 1 and wave 2 CASIs averaged 25 to 35 minutes to complete.

Poor parenting leading to teen sex

Because some of the items were non-normally distributed, robust estimates of the parameter standard errors and fit statistics were obtained. Based on these analyses, scales were formed from relevant items by calculating the mean scores of the items corresponding to each of the multi-item factors. Second, we hypothesize that adolescents who report conservative parental attitudes about sex, higher levels of parental supervision and communication about sex, and a more positive quality of parental communication will be less likely to initiate vaginal intercourse and oral sex over a one year period.

Poor parenting leading to teen sex

Poor parenting leading to teen sex

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  1. It has been argued that these constructs are distinct from other parenting behaviors such as parental monitoring, discipline, and communication because they deal specifically with interactions around television whereas other parenting behaviors correspond to more general forms of interactions Nathanson, a. Parental attitudes and television mediation can delay potentially risky adolescent sexual behaviors.