Reasons for a sex change

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Some of the risks of the sex change procedure are due to the hormone therapy itself. Most present-day, self-reliant transsexual people who are planning and managing their own transitions seek the advice and counsel of the modern-day pragmatic gender-counselors, and they avoid traditional psychiatrists like the plague. Some of these men will occasionally dress in drag.

Reasons for a sex change

The androphilic transsexuals differed from both control groups in multiple brain areas, including the superior longitudinal fasciculus, the right anterior cingulum, the right forceps minor, and the right corticospinal tract. Some of the risks of the sex change procedure are due to the hormone therapy itself. The researchers found sex-typical differentiation between the MtF transsexuals and cisgender males, and the cisgender females; but the gynephilic transsexuals "displayed also singular features and differed from both control groups by having reduced thalamus and putamen volumes and elevated GM volumes in the right insular and inferior frontal cortex and an area covering the right angular gyrus ".

Reasons for a sex change

Reasons for a sex change

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  1. There are limited statistics regarding the prevalence of these types of surgery. Sherer explains that parents' influence through punishment and reward of behavior can influence gender expression but not gender identity.

  2. Happy endings for XY individuals assigned to femaleness, at least so far, appear to be rare, or at least unreported. But all too often, appearances cannot mask the upheaval within.

  3. In most cases, there is a small phallus with corporal tissue capable of erection and skin capable of normal sensation.

  4. Rather, Carr says, many people — regardless of their sexuality — resent having to conform to the stereotypes of their gender.

  5. Gary Berkovitz, director of pediatric endocrinology at the University of Miami School of Medicine, explains the procedures. Gregory had a long history of intense addiction to transvestism, and had apparently undergone SRS at sometime during his life.