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Gurira is an American, raised in Zimbabwe, and the power of her play is to bridge that gulf between Africans and Westerners. On her return, she dips a washcloth into a basin and cleans her private parts with all the mundane ritual of someone washing her hands. Lake largely disappeared from the big screen after the s, working mainly in TV and on the stage in the s and '60s.


At least 12 journalists were injured in clashes. She was, later in life, notoriously prickly and by all accounts was neither a loyal spouse nor an especially good mother. But, as she herself said, she just wasn't cut out to be a movie star — at least not as Hollywood in the Forties envisioned that role — and her later life was marked by broken marriages, addiction and illness.



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  1. A scene from the 'Eclipsed' by playwright Danai Gurira. Going after journalists is a sign of weakness by the government in any country.