Registered sex offenders in tennessee

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Offenders who do not maintain either a primary or secondary residence shall be required to report to their registering agency monthly for so long as they do not maintain either a primary or secondary residence. He asserted that the statute of limitations should be extended because he did not learn until well after its expiration that the State sought to enforce the provisions of the sexual offender registration act against him.

Registered sex offenders in tennessee

A The sheriff in the county or the chief of police in the municipality within this state where the offender is employed or practices a vocation; or B The law enforcement agency or any institution of higher education, or if not applicable, the designated law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the campus, if the offender is employed or practices a vocation or is a student. For purposes of this subdivision a 6 , "a material change in employment or vocational status" includes being terminated involuntarily from the offender's employment or vocation, voluntarily terminating the employment or vocation, taking different employment or the same employment at a different location, changing shifts or substantially changing the offender's hours of work at the same employment or vocation, taking additional employment, reducing the offender's employment or any other change in the offender's employment or vocation that differs from that which the offender originally registered.

Registered sex offenders in tennessee

Registered sex offenders in tennessee

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  1. A If incarcerated in a state, federal or private penal facility, with the warden or the warden's designee; or B If incarcerated in a local jail, with the sheriff or the sheriffs designee.