Rehab counselor bias to sex offenders

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And I should point out that those in our counseling community are not immune. Other obstacles In our sex offender treatment program at a state hospital, a primarily forensic mental institution, our first challenge is getting patients with sex offenses into our program.

Rehab counselor bias to sex offenders

The group includes Matt, whose online chats led to prison; Rob, who was arrested for statutory rape; and Kevin, who spent decades masturbating next to women in movie theaters. In fact, our society may be contributing to future victimization — just the opposite of our primary goal. Contact him at Michael.

Rehab counselor bias to sex offenders

Rehab counselor bias to sex offenders

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  1. Another challenge, yet to be sorted out by sufficient research, is treatment of offenders who are developmentally delayed. But I left an emotional holocaust.

  2. Every one of the eight men in the room has been convicted of a sex crime and mandated by a court to see a therapist.

  3. I thought everyone was, or at least everyone was pretending to be. What do you think the impact would be on them, meeting someone like you when you were 20?

  4. Some report decreased sexual interest Ellerby, ; Jackson et al. The relatively small number of criteria made the simultaneous elimination, which had the advantage of efficiency, possible.