Same sex marriage and canada

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It was, for example, out of respect for the plurality of options being argued that, following the lower and appellate court rulings, I asked the Supreme Court for a decision not only on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, but also on the possibility of civil unions as a valid option. Unfortunately, the databases we use to track the changes in values over the years contain no information about sexual minorities other than gays and lesbians.

Same sex marriage and canada

Only individuals who have Internet access, who come to the ISideWith web site, and who were motivated to respond to the poll were counted. All of which leads to the third remarkable feature of the same-sex marriage debate:

Same sex marriage and canada

Same sex marriage and canada

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  1. If a truly random selection had been made, one could expect a slightly different result. It protected the rights of same-sex couples without removing rights from anyone else, and without subordinating one right to another.

  2. A special committee struck by the House of Commons to examine the Civil Marriage Act met 21 times and heard from 72 witnesses, including representatives of 35 different organizations.

  3. The Senate committee studying the bill held an additional six meetings and heard from 33 witnesses.

  4. They could marry within their province or territory without the nuisance of having to go elsewhere in Canada to marry.