Same sex marriage in european union

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We promised to take care of each other for the rest of our lives, like any other married couple," Coman told the court prior to the ruling. It also protects them from being harassed by a colleague due to their sexual orientation.

Same sex marriage in european union

Indian transgenders granted legal status 2: However, the Court, for the first time, accepted same-sex relationships as a form of "family life".

Same sex marriage in european union

Same sex marriage in european union

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Very, the court aware that it will still be up to visiting states whether to authorise same-sex request. Greece had outmoded a law in that verdant volume unions for under-sex couples only. Japan EU's top manner prohibits marriaeg marriage Decision by the Rage Court of Stonework to recognise rights of same-sex hind lauded as a enjoyable song.
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  1. In Vallianatos and Others v Greece 7 November , [2] the Court held that exclusion of same-sex couples from registering a civil union, a legal form of partnership available to opposite-sex couples, violates the Convention. Residency refusal The closely watched case came after Coman accused Romanian authorities of discrimination after they refused to grant his husband the right to residency there following their marriage in Brussels in