Same sex marriages are they justified

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Therefore, the psychological processes underlying religious and ideological opposition to same-sex marriage are of considerable theoretical and practical interest. Sexual Prejudice as a Mediator of Religious Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage Whereas religious opponents may see their objections to same-sex marriage as principled and legitimate, others see it as a human rights issue and may interpret opposition as a form of sexual prejudice and discrimination. On the other hand, opposition may also be driven by sexual prejudice, which is defined as antipathy toward individuals and groups based on their sexual orientation Herek,

Same sex marriages are they justified

This book investigates the extent to which legalizing same-sex marriage can contribute to ending the discrimination and social stigma faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women LGBT in the Western world. Richardson-Self considers an impressive range of questions central to the debate with great subtlety, insight, and depth.

Same sex marriages are they justified

Same sex marriages are they justified

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  1. As federal legalization of same-sex marriage became increasingly probable in the United States, the debate on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT rights shifted from a focus on discrimination by the government to discrimination by the private sector Johnson, , with religious arguments dominating the rhetoric of those opposing same-sex marriage.