Sex and fev spearman rho

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To evaluate the correlation between sexual function of couples with and without stress urinary incontinence SUI partners, and to identify predictors of poor sexual function. Participants were informed that their information would be kept confidential and would not be shared with their partner.

Sex and fev spearman rho

Female sexual function is strongly correlated with male partners' sexual function, with a stronger correlation observed in couples with SUI partners. We calculated the sexual partner acquisition rate by dividing the number of lifetime sexual partners by the years since the person had first had vaginal sex. Initially recruited men and women had similar distributions for most characteristics, except that men were slightly older and smoked more.

Sex and fev spearman rho

Sex and fev spearman rho

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  1. Both partners completed the Golombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction GRISS , a item multidimensional measure with separate forms for male and female designed to assess sexual satisfaction of both partners. This maturation of frontal areas is thought to allow for the regulation of subcortical nuclei such as the amygdala [ 6 ].

  2. Specific assortativity measures We quantified mixing patterns between specific characteristic combinations by dividing the number of observed HITCH partnerships with specific characteristic combinations by the number of expected partnerships with proportionate mixing. In adolescents, although there are few studies that have examined sex differences, there is a different pattern of fMRI BOLD signal activity during emotional tasks as compared to children and adults.

  3. Although the important role of the amygdala in emotional behaviors has been characterized and emotion regulation is clearly important, few studies describe the role of the amygdala in emotion regulatory ability during adolescence and with a focus on sex differences [ 8 ].

  4. When non-parametric tests were not available as in the case of partial correlations co-varying for total cranial volume , parametric tests were run on the rank transformed data.