Sex and going into labor

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Fearful thoughts and worry can release adrenaline and other stress hormones that shut off the labor process. There may be increased risk of your water breaking when membranes are stripped. I went to acupuncture that night, and two hours later I had a nice steady rhythm of contractions going!

Sex and going into labor

But on her page, The Young Mummy, this Australian mom got real about an intimate strategy that she and her husband tried to induce the birth of their second baby, Florence. Go herbal Red raspberry leaf tea is a popular method for inducing labor. You can still have a beautiful and natural vaginal birth.

Sex and going into labor

Sex and going into labor

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  1. Pineapple The bromelain in pineapple and other tropical fruit is said to induce labor by stimulating the uterus.

  2. And when you're the husband of this highly hormonal overdue sweaty walrus, you do what you're told. Foot massage, reflexology, or even just a pedicure can all be helpful.