Sex and the city carrie house

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Until next time, Happy Stalking! Why production decided to shift locales yet again to a brownstone located literally one door away from the previous one used is a mystery.

Sex and the city carrie house

The Ziegler House has been utilized in a couple of other productions besides Sex and the City. And, oh, what an interior it was!

Sex and the city carrie house

Sex and the city carrie house

The Ziegler Municipality popped up dimly in Sex and the Intention. The tins are nonetheless controlled inside the greater, behind the previous creative entry customers hot hoyse. Sex and the city carrie house

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  1. Designed by architect Frederick Sterner, the ornate 4-story, foot wide pad is laid out with all of the rooms surrounding a central brick courtyard with a fountain.

  2. The historic residence was originally built in for William Ziegler, Jr. It was not long before I came across 36 East 62nd Street.

  3. As soon as Carrie and Big step over the threshold of Fifth, they are standing in the Ziegler House, located about 20 blocks south at 2 East 63rd Street.